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My Next Dawn

by Tenebrae

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Black Drape 05:18
BLACK DRAPE Birds are creating odd drawings They're wise, they're flying away Somewhere the scared ones are talking Beware what they're saying! The wind is a stuffy sigh It's switching off the lights A storm is coming like a black drape Someone find me a way to escape! Soil and atmosphere are a line Trembling in a lacerated sky Despite fear, there's no time to cry Whatever, under rubble, survived… (Rit:) Rising walls of water Giant stones fall down Unexpected vortex Like a call from underground Sudden falls of lava Burning every shape Blades of frozen winds Paralysing everything Fog and dust are hiding Each way out Is it really happening? I just see the drape Is it really happening? Black! (Rit:)
Careless 06:47
CARELESS “Where, where will you walk? You’re blinded by this fear What, what will you find? You’re lost in disbelief A promised faith is now a buried fairytale I, I saw through you, I can’t recognize your face” “Survival is (a) senseless duty We died long ago Will the memory of beauty Preserve your mind and our son? (Rit:) I dreamt of apocalypse stealing our lives And seas carrying monsters with ravenous aims I dreamt of us underwater And no one could save us from the danger of life” “Blood, that slips away, is never coming back Blood, that guided us, is leaving you today Unable to embrace Your arms will lose their strength Is coldness your last glance? This careless loneliness Your wounded feet will stumble without our blessing And empty shapeless figures will fill your days” (Rit:)
Grey 05:46
GREY Legions of fire everywhere They burn with no heat And this lung doesn't breathe Houses, bridges and fields That we used to name Are desolate shells (Rit:) Who decided to paint it grey, To cover colours with dust? The clouds are falling down day by day Ruins, in a land of pain The wind is drawing sadness on sand And the snow is collapsing our limbs This road doesn’t end there with the horizon All we have left is in a bag We have built a temple to unconcern A reign of strain and gravity We face the void in all we see Leaden steps in a beaten land (Rit:) Dying trees stretch their arms But we can't reach their sap (Rit:)
THE FALLEN ONES A march of flesh They’re hunting flesh They’re chasing us ‘Cause they don’t recognize man They ate the world They eat themselves Desperate enemies Hungry for us (Rit:) Running and hiding with no place to hide You’re the reason for us to commit suicide All the animals died and the beasts remained Your quarry imprisoned in the cages of pain You’re looking at the Great Fear -Or are they just the fallen ones?- The deepest nightmare is here …the fallen ones The scent of blood They’re hunting blood Their awful need Blinded by greed They ate the world They eat themselves Human sacrifices of an Irreligious cult (Rit:)
THE GREATEST FAILURE Why? You didn’t realize And you created the big gap in which We fell The darkness of your plans That killed and killed again with no regret How much pain in Nature’s soul It couldn’t bear it anymore The air consumed without knowing How to breathe Where are your possessions now And all the intelligence you were proud of? Liar! Once you had a choice And all the chances you did not deserve (Rit:) Why? You didn’t realize You’ve frozen hope in a handful of money Life, it couldn’t put it right The greatest failure of your lack of mind You waited for the day to end And left a bomb in your child’s hand A world of fear and emptiness Nothing left to learn (Rit:)
Behind 05:54
BEHIND Two separated souls They govern humankind A great flow leads the blind And crushes all the rest A cape of blame on your weakness.. It will cover identities A blind window on your feelings No conscience here Under the sign of the mighty I We have broken all ties Can’t see this far (Rit:) In a city that lies Where souls are left behind In a city that hides Under clouded lights We miss reality
LILIAN (CHANGING SHADES) Scenes of a million faces here They’re slipping from some dreams Look at yourself in this lake The one you see is me Lilian Try to feed life through my veins It’s not so cruel (if) We feel the same Lilian, you seem to paint these days With colours of grace And changing shades Lilian
My Next Dawn 04:58
MY NEXT DAWN (A) Screaming silence pervades my cries I hate the deepness in your eyes Where are my hands? I won't feel any loss but yours A golden stone thrown in a well Abandoned there (Rit:) The tears of the world Are turned into stone For me your soul My next dawn Walking and falling by my side, -Deadwood- You never asked why Your fragile pride Frozen words in a frozen mind I'm still breathing, My disguise, Did I survive? Thoughts like water Dripping from the sky, A remembrance doesn't lie It won't fade away (Rit:) Black fever revealing this absurdity Now I sink into my clothes Useless sand warms up my body… (Rit:) The tears of the world Are turned into stone, my precious son For me your soul..
AS THE WAVES (ALWAYS RECEDE) Finally, we reached the place You are here, am I mistaken? Missing your voice /Deeply…/ As the light is changing now I see your strength going down Into the sea /Fading into a mysterious sea/ So my faith is leaving me As the waves always recede Behind their reef /They calm down…/ Water breaking on my thoughts Your remembrance could join hers In my embrace But will this boat carry some hope? If its arrival is too slow A misty figure on the horizon I couldn’t do it, will the sea Complete the promise that I made And will it save us from this end?


Terzo disco dei Tenebrae, il primo in inglese!


released December 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Tenebrae Genoa, Italy

Tenebrae e' un progetto musicale con molteplici sfumature, che nasce a Genova, da una idea del chitarrista Marco Arizzi nel Novembre del 2005.

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